5 Steps To Gaining Control Of Your Cloud Infrastructure Costs

How to get control of your cloud infrastructure costs

  1. Use less resources: Cloud vendors generally charge using a pay as you go model. i.e. you pay for what you use. Due to this it’s obvious that the less you use the cheaper it gets. Compute and storage are the main culprits but this principle applies to all cloud services that your organisation uses.
  2. Pay less for your existing resources: Cloud vendors provide options that organisations can use to run the same estate for less. This approach includes discounted pricing models and using alternative products or services to reduce costs..
  3. Do more with less: optimise your architecture to get more out of your existing resources

1. Know what you use: Get visibility of your cloud usage

2. Know where you spend: Tag resources

3. Understand your utilisation: Right size resources

4. Pay less for resources

5. Optimise usage and share knowledge across the organisation

Cloud Optimisation from 6point6




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