COVID-19: lessons learned in business continuity — 6point6

Lessons learned

The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the need for thorough business continuity planning, while the findings for your specific business are likely to be unique, a few common lessons learned have emerged:

1. Plan for ongoing business impact

‘Individual organisations may suffer from the pandemic’s impact on staff absenteeism therefore reducing the services available.’

2. Continuity of the supply chain

While most continuity plans establish Service Level Agreements for key suppliers, disruption on such a wide scale as is currently being experienced is not always factored in. What do you do when multiple elements of your supply chain are gone overnight, with no real estimate of when they will return to business as usual?

3. Remote working is here to stay

With the world in lockdown, office-based roles have embraced remote working on a massive scale. Working from home and other flexible ways of working have already been on the rise, but it’s easy to foresee how the lockdown will push the trend further in this direction (see here)

4. Consider the human element

Of course, at the forefront of any planning should be the safety and well-being of staff. Having a remote workforce can affect employee morale as well as productivity. Plan for an increased up take of employee welfare services, and if you don’t currently offer anything in this area, it’s a good time to start. There are also short-term changes you can easily make to help boost morale. Here at 6point6 we have been having virtual team lunches, dress up video calls and have set up new channels of communication for things to do at home and questions about coronavirus as just a few examples. In the longer term, consider making plans on how to keep your workforce motivated and engaged during challenging times.

Improving for the future

The points listed above are just some examples of planning that you might want to consider. What is important is to gather data specific to your business and situation and implement changes for the future by:

  • holding question and answer sessions, listening to staff can highlight areas of concern
  • identifying your own lessons learnt
  • incorporating these into policies and procedures



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