The ‘talent’ double whammy

3 min readJul 22, 2020

An appetite for developing bespoke software exists in the private sector, but decision makers feel that the talent needed to build and deliver it does not.

We found up to 83% of businesses use permanent employees to build bespoke projects — despite being dubious about their ability to deliver. So how can firms find the right people to carry out these projects and deliver the custom solutions they want?

We commissioned YouGov to carry out research with over 500 private sector decision makers. The findings showed that a lack of talent, and crucial individuals leaving, combined to create a talent double whammy, deterring businesses from developing bespoke.

Do you have the talent you need?

Many firms simply don’t have people in the business with the skills needed to build a bespoke solution. 43% of those we spoke to saw a lack of available talent as the top risk to delivering bespoke technology.

Can you hang on to that talent?

Businesses who have the talent available, run the risk of a crucial individual leaving once the exciting part of a project is completed. Over 1 in 3 decision makers we spoke to acknowledged that it causes long-term problems when talent leaves.

In technology, it’s not unusual for developers to jump from build to build, but when they go, knowledge and vision of the project goes with them.

What’s the solution?

Decision makers worry about having the people they need, when they need them, at every step of the custom build journey. In order to meet your customer needs, getting the build right comes down to who’s on the job. So how can you ensure your project is in a safe pair of hands?

Recruit fresh talent

You could recruit someone new with the skills you need, or move someone from another area of the business, they’ll bring experience and energy to kick-start a project.

But fitting new talent into your existing team can be tricky, it takes time and is expensive. There’s a risk the new person ends up carrying the team along. And innovative ideas can get dampened down until your custom software resembles a version 2 of what you already have in place.

Work with a delivery partner

Using a partner instantly injects experience into your team while providing an external perspective. Consultants are able to listen to your end users and understand their difficulties without the bias of an internal employee.

A delivery partner is set up to work with you long term. Working through an agency means developers work on a variety of projects simultaneously, so they’re less likely to move on to keep up with the ‘exciting’ work.

Consultants are also able to future-proof your technology and your team. A project becomes more than just a build. It includes upskilling your existing team to take on maintenance of the build and gives you ownership of your technology so you’re able cater to the needs of your customers.

It’s what we do

The findings of our research about the challenges’ businesses face when looking to develop custom software are explored in more detail in our white paper.

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